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Concert pianiste Marianne Boer and I met MSC's sustainability officer Dirk Vande Velde. Via Dirk, we met Mathieu Lamolle. Together, we created Waterforeveryone's first fundraising project in the Netherlands. Marianne's beautiful classical concert in Amsterdam's famous Amstel church - playing Mozart, Brahms and Kreisler - was a big succes. Both artistically and financially, for Waterforeveryone. Corporate sponsors were Conway & Partners international law firm, shipping company MSC and my tax law firm Transparance Fiscale. We raised a lot of money in a short period of time. Clean water for 3 schools and a clinic in Ghana. 1.000 children and people around them, for more than a year, are helped. We gained a lot of positive attention in the Netherlands, also among companies. This was, with nice and competent people, good energy and the right goals next to my job as Dutch international tax lawyer. I hope this will continue as aimed.

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