Our Mission

Born from a passion for altering the harrowing statistics of lack of clean water available to millions of people across the planet, Waterforeveryone aims to be a productive, communicative platform where everyone can share knowledge and resources, build projects and find new partners to remedy access to safe and drinkable water for everyone.“With more than 10% of the world population not having access to safe, drinkable water, there is more we can do to help alleviate this statistic,” says Jacques Lamolle, President of Waterforeveryone. “It’s easy to take free, immediate access to clean water for granted. The purpose of this platform is to educate the world while encouraging collaboration for a more efficient end-goal.”

Waterforeveryone supporters can create a profile on the platform and start by “Sharing a glass of water!” and engage with other community members. It is completely free, and seeks to spur idea exchanges, successful initiatives creations and innovation in regards to tackling the worldwide water issue.

“With widespread support, this unique platform aims to enable thousands, if not millions, of people to get connected and start life-changing projects that will be felt around the globe,” says Jacques. “Spread the word on the launch of our Waterforeveryone platform, and head on over today to back our future vision of a world with equitable, efficient and successful access to clean water for everyone!”
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