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Our self-conception – who we are
Agape international is a Christian non-governmental organization (NGO) domiciled in Switzerland. Agape international currently employs 60 full and part time employees in Switzerland and abroad, and supports the employment of around 700 local employees abroad. Kurt Burgherr is our director. He is supported by a operating committee consisting of Dr. Martin Stoessel and Stefan Burckhardt.
Agape international was founded in 1980 and is part of Campus for Christ Switzerland, a non-denominational missions and training movement with around twenty different fields of work in the areas of adult education, social welfare work and missions. Agape international coordinates all of Campus for Christs activities abroad. The organization is financed by donations from private donors, churches, foundations and businesses.

Our mission – what we do
Agape international sees its mission in the area of community development as well as in the support of local churches. We cooperate with local partners. In our areas of operation, we address the needs of the local population in a context-specific and holistic manner, and we offer appropriate know-how and „help for self-help“.

Our vision – what we dream of
The Greek word Agape is the ancient Christian term for God‘s love for people. Agape international understands it as its mission to find ways how God‘s unconditional love can concretely and practically be experienced by the peoples of this earth. Flows of blessings like manpower, know-how and resources flow from Switzerland to the entire world in order to make God‘s agape-love known everywhere.

Our credo – what motivates us
„We move hearts.“ Love is the only thing that grows when we lavishingly waste it. God‘s love is not just for us. This is why we reach out to groups and peoples in order to spread that love with the means that we have. When we then experience how lasting partnerships develop across peoples, races and continents, we feel what it means to move hearts.

We are committed to the SEA code of conduct.

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