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August 2016 – Share a Glass of Water – Crowdfunding campaign
Waterforeveryone crowdfunding campaign - Aug. 2016
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December 2016 – Website development and first partnerships!
First partnerships are established as the work progresses on building the web-platform!
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Foro de debate público electoral de comunidades campesinas aymaras y quechuas
The public debate forum is made so that peasant communities identify their strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities around their territory Themes: Mining...
International Meeting of Monitors and Environmental Watchers 2014 /Encuentro Internacional de Monitores y Vigilantes Ambientales 2014
Se hace el resumen de las actividades realizadas en el encuentro internacional de monitores comunales del agua  donde Suma Marka tuvo participación...
October 2016 – Waterforeveryone taking-off!
Waterforeveryone taking off after successful crowdfunding campaign of summer 2016!
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Participation in the March of the Summit of the Peoples in the framework of the COP 20 December 2014/Participación en Marcha de la Cumbre de los Pueblos en el marco de la COP 20 Diciembre 2014
The different delegations of the countries of Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and Bolivia exchange experiences with community water monitoring, where each delegation presents...
Presentation of Results of the Water Monitoring Program CVMAC Mariano Melgar School / Presentación de Resultados del Programa de Monitoreo del Agua CVMAC IES Mariano Melgar
The students of Mariano Melgar School in the results of the Project of implementation of programs of community environmental monitoring with Laguna Chacas...
Promotion of monitoring programs in coordination with the office of Congresswoman Veronika Mendoza/Promoción de Programas de monitoreo en coordinación con el despacho de la congresista Veronika Mendoza
Suma Marka NGO seeks to promote community environmental monitoring and monitoring, discusses the organization and planning of peasant farmers' actions, strengthening reinforcement...
Safe Water Cube
Safe Water Cube filtrte 1000 litres d'eau par heure sans électricité ni produit chimique.
17 Feb 20172 likesVídeo
Shared Experiences at the International Meeting of Monitors and Environmental Watchers/
The different delegations of the methodologies to do the community monitoring, also using different equipment, some of these organizations work in an...
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