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Foro de debate público electoral de comunidades campesinas aymaras y quechuas
The public debate forum is made so that peasant communities identify their strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities around their territory Themes: Mining...
Guideline for Formulation of Water Use Master Plan 2073
Source: Ministry of Water Supply and Sanitation, Government of Nepal Language of Document: Nepali
26 Feb 20171 likesDirectriz
List of District Strategic WASH Plan and Guidelines
Contains District Strategic WASH Plan for 10 districts, Village Wash Guidelines and Village WASH Plan for more than 50 villages in 9...
26 Feb 20171 likesDirectriz
Promotion of monitoring programs in coordination with the office of Congresswoman Veronika Mendoza/Promoción de Programas de monitoreo en coordinación con el despacho de la congresista Veronika Mendoza
Suma Marka NGO seeks to promote community environmental monitoring and monitoring, discusses the organization and planning of peasant farmers' actions, strengthening reinforcement...
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