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Drilling project
Drilling project - Human powered pump in Famleng Présentation Famleng(1) is neighbourhood in Bandjoun located in western Cameroon, Koung-Khi Department. Bandjoun is located...
7 Ago 20171 likesProyecto - inicio
Inicio de nuestra plataforma Waterforeveryone
¡El equipo de Waterforeveryone está feliz anunciar el inicio de la plataforma web el 1er de marzo 2017!
3 Feb 20179 likesNuevo evento
Innovate 4 water
Innovate 4 water: A matchmaking forum for sustainable development The United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization’s “WIPO GREEN: The Marketplace for Sustainable...
27 Abr 20172 likesNuevo evento
Journée Internationale de l’Eau – Soirée thématique le 24 mars 2018
A l'occasion de la Journée Internationale de l'Eau, nous vous invitons à une soirée thématique le samedi 24 mars à Longueville, Belgique....
27 Feb 20180 likesNuevo evento
Les Art Maniacs – Waterforeveryone
Les Art Maniacs présentent leur nouveau Spectacle Musical en collaboration avec l'association Waterforeveryone le 30 septembre 2017 à 20h à l'Auditorium Jacques...
13 Jun 20174 likesNuevo evento
Monitoreo participativo del agua
Participatory water monitoring/Monitoreo participativo del agua Suma Marka works in the implementation of community monitoring programs with citizen participation, using a LaMotte...
22 Mar 20172 likesInnovación
Music for Water – Concert
Waterforeveryone, a non-profit association that develops projects to improve access to safe water for everyone is very pleased to present the Concert...
27 Nov 20171 likesNuevo evento
Safe Water for Schools and Hospitals
With support from local stakeholders, we provide safe water to children in schools and to hospitals in Kumasi region, Ghana.
27 Feb 20180 likesProyecto - en curso
Safe Water for Schools and Hospitals [Safe-WaSH] Initiative-Phase II
Safe Water for Schools and Hospitals [Safe-WaSH] Initiative 1. Introduction Water is life; therefore, the importance of access to potable water cannot...
20 Jun 20172 likesProyecto - inicio
Sky Oasis
Our project is to build a fully autonomous vertical farming production facility that will be entirely powered by renewable energies. The water...
27 Nov 20171 likesProyecto - inicio
Water tanks for Bolivia
Agape int Bolivia descripcion proyecto 1 pagina V1.0
13 Feb 20178 likesProyecto - en curso
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